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The HOPPEDIZ® Baby Sling is a popular brand of woven wrap among the babywearing community. These wraps are wide and supportive making them a great wrap to learn with.

HOPPEDIZ® Baby Slings have been designed to be easy to use. The edges are woven in contrasting colors so that they are easier to find when pulling tight. The center of the carrier is indicated with two labels, which makes finding the center during tying considerably easier. The ends are cut obliquely and parallel decreasing the bulkiness, making it easier to knot. And all HOPPEDIZ® wraps come with an extensive, well-illustrated and easy to understand instruction book that shows a variety of carrying options.

Specially selected cross twill weave gives the HOPPEDIZ® Baby Sling equal flexibility in both diagonal directions. This allows the wrap to adjust itself optimally to both the baby's and the carrier's body, and to support the baby's back. In doing so, the sling flexes, but does not stretch, making sure it maintains support even when carrying heavier babies for long periods of time.

The yarn which is used to weave HOPPEDIZ® Baby Sling is made of 100% long-piled cotton. This supports the diagonal flexibility and the holding power of the weave, and guarantees exceptional durability. Please note, these beautiful wraps are handwoven and can sometimes contain slight imperfections. These are often not even noticeable to the eye and in no way compromise the integrity of the wrap.

All Hoppediz wraps are machine washable and become pleasantly soft with wash and wear. These slings are not pre-shrunk after weaving and are slightly longer than stated before the first wash, but they will have the stated length after being washed.

Thanks to the high-quality, non-toxic and heavy metal-free dyes which are used, HOPPEDIZ® Baby Slings are extremely kind to the skin and saliva-resistant. The yarns they use are neither pre-bleached nor chemically finished, and are also completely free of post-treatment.

Features at a glance:
  • 100% long-piled cotton
  • Color fast, non-toxic dyes
  • Double-hemmed contrasting edges
  • Center markers and tapered ends
  • Pocket for items
  • Detailed instruction book
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